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Reduce utility costs while reinforcing the durability, value and style of your office. With our commercial window film, glass protection is just one of the many advantages.  You’ll also reap the benefits of energy savings with our commercial window film. Reduce damaging glare and use our built-in solar control to achieve greater energy efficiency overall.  Choose from several decorative options of commercial window film, each designed to enhance the visual statement of your office design.

Windows are an architectural necessity but are inefficient and can be a building’s Achilles Heel. In fact:

  • According to the DOE, windows are responsible for as much as 30% of the total cooling load in commercial buildings
  • According to the DOE, the energy used to offset unwanted heat losses and gains through windows in residential and commercial buildings costs the United States $20 billion (25% of all the energy used for space heating and cooling)
  • According to Energy Efficiency and Renewable Clearinghouse, advanced glazing with spectral selective coatings can reduce the electric space cooling requirements in hot climates by more than 40%
  • Unwanted entry can be gained easily through a building’s perimeter glass
  • Glass nearby a terrorist’s bomb can implode in tiny shards at high velocities and subject building occupants to grave danger
  • Be the target of vandalism by graffiti artists

3M Window Films can help commercial buildings reduce those inefficiencies and vulnerabilities by helping to do the following:

  • Reduce heating and air-conditioning expenses
  • Reduce temperature imbalances to increase tenant comfort
  • Prevent unwanted entry
  • Bomb Blast Protection
  • Create privacy for glass-walled rooms and offices
  • Reduce graffiti abatement expenses
  • Redirect up to 80% of sunlight 40’ into a building allowing you to rely less on artificial light
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