Benefits of Window Film

The benefits of window film.

With window film being around for years, you would think that there would be more knowledge that surrounds the features and benefits of it. So in this post I would like to tell you just what window film can do for you. Lets jump in, shall we?

Window film has been around for 30 plus years and during this time, many advancements have been made. At the beginning, to have tinted windows, you would have to have someone use a “tint spray” to make the windows darker. There were many problems with this. There was a ton of inconsistency with the windows matching. It was extremely messy and could cause major damage to anything that it touched. From this time to now, we have seen it morph into a dynamic product that goes far past the realm of what some think is possible.

Here at Liberty Tint Solutions we have partnered up with the fastest growing brand in the industry, Scorpion Window Film. We here at Liberty Tint Solutions are an the exclusive dealer to the Charlotte, NC metro area. By having this exclusivity with them, it enables us access to their full line of products both in their automotive as well as their residential/commercial product lines. All of our staff is factory trained and certified by Scorpion’s National Training Center. Liberty’s staff is highly trained to assist you with all your window film needs.

Now, today, we are going to talk about automotive film and how it benefits you.

Liberty Tint Solutions carries three lines of Scorpion Window Film automotive line up. The first being;

Predator Series.

The predator series is a great entry level film that comes with many features and benefits. One of the features is the color that it offers. With a rich  smoked color, it will sure enhance the look of your car.  The Predator Series film also boost a nice heat rejection of up to 40%, keeping you cooler on the hot summer days. It also has a 99% UVa and UVb rejection protecting you from the suns harmful rays. It will also protect your cars interior from sun damage as well.


Sting series is a carbon film that has outstanding color. Better heat rejection of up to 60% and comes with a nationwide lifetime warranty. It has all the same qualities at the predator but with an increased heat rejection.


StingIR is nano-ceramic film that has the best heat rejections in the industry. StingIR boost Inferred heat rejections of up to 92% making this one of the most efficient and effective film on the market. The film is made using the same type of nano technologically NASA used on the shuttles tiles to reject the heat from the atmosphere. With the performance of this film, not only will you stay cooler in your car but, you will also get better fuel economy due to your A/C not having to work as hard.

Liberty Tint Solutions is here to help with all your tinting needs and questions.  Contact us at (803) 560-6025.  Or email Jody for more information.